Love Yourself.

When you have a toxic relationship with yourself, you will have unhealthy relationships with everyone else. Work on yourself, love yourself & create healthy boundaries. How can others respect you if you don’t respect yourself?!

Why can’t some of us move on?

We are living in 2020 but still we have to face limited boundaries. Many of us do not know the purpose of their life! And there are some people who know the purpose of their life but they are unable to do anything. Why? Why they are unable to do anything they want? Huh!

Yeah some of us can’t do anything Just because of shity society pressures. A strong family or society’s negative pressures can’t do anything that we want.

Some people wants to fly but they can’t. The feet of such people are firmly held in the society or negative comments. We are emotionally blackmailed that we cannot do anything we want. Some people are stopping us just because we do not move ahead of them. And there are some people who cannot see us succeed. And instead of answering their displeasure or any of their things, we get into their words. The biggest weakness of such people is that they care about other peoples. They are worried that nobody should get angry with us. And others take advantage of such things. Don’t know why we don’t stop caring about people. This is the people who don’t support us in our bad times. These are the people who are ruining our future. And we are thinking that our future will one day be fine, this is impossible until you do something for yourself. Somrtimes, To keep the dignity of others, we lose our respect. A strong Pressure can make you do anything you don’t want to do. And then later we regret all our lives. So it is better to take your own life decisions, Let others know that this is our life, not theirs, we can decide it ourselves!

However, we can give others the right to lead only where they feel that we are wrong, they can lead or warn us. But don’t give the rope of your life in any other hand.

Thank you.